Willkommen in Moorland Hall

Sommercamp 2015

16. - 29. 08. 2015

Conditions of third parties

In connection with this group journey to a summercamp at Moorland Hall the members of the party will get into contact with different companies, which have all their own conditions for their services. When the club books a service for its members (e.g. flight tickets, insurance, etc...), then the respective conditions of the company are the basis for the contracts. The club has accepted these conditions. All the members who want to take part in this group journey to Moorland Hall must have knowlegde of these conditions and must accept them.

Third Party Companies

STA TRAVEL www.statravel,at

AGB_AT Vermittler_2013.pdf
PDF-Dokument [193.3 KB]

Austrian Airlines www.austrian.com

Moorland Hall Ltd. Jo Farrington www.moorlandhall.co.uk

The conditions for the club "Gelebtes Lernen" differ in some parts from the regular conditions of Moorland Hall Ltd. and can be downloaded below.

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