Willkommen in Moorland Hall

Sommercamp 2015

16. - 29. 08. 2015

What kids say:

"I had a great time, the activities were fantastic, the people were very nice and the food was excellent. I would like to go there again next year!"

"Didn´t know that learning English could be so much fun - lots of new things to do, nice people and I made many new friends."

"I was sorry to say good bye, the other campers were very nice, the English lessons were funny and surfing in the sea was perfect, the food was great. I hope to go there again next summer!"

"I spent two great weeks in Moorland Hall. Not only did I learn a lot in English, there was something new to do every day and we had to solve the challenges as teams. I loved surfing best. I can only recommend this camp to everybody who loves adventures. Just great!"

What parents say:

"Thank you for looking after my child. She had a lot of fun and wants to go to Moorland Hall again next summer. It was good to know that the kids were accompanied on the trip and that there was always someone there to look after them. Thank you"

"My son had a great time in England, his English has improved a lot, he is no longer afraid of talking English. He enjoyed the lessons and the activities, especially surfing in the ocean. Thank you"

"Thank you for the opportunity for our child to learn a lot for life in a safe environment. Though the camp is expensive it was worth every penny. I think we will send our child again, that is what she really wants. Thank you for caring."