Willkommen in Moorland Hall

Sommercamp 2015

16. - 29. 08. 2015

Jo Farrington

My family and I live at Moorland Hall and I have been organising language and activity camps for more than twenty years. The house, a beautiful Victorian country house with large gardens and paddocks, is situated in the Dartmoor National Park. It is ideally placed to serve as a starting point for many of the activities which I offer in my camps.

The house offers room for up to 50 children. The bedrooms are simple, but meet the expectations for an adventure holiday.

Meals are cooked in the house by an experienced cook. Special diets can be catered for.

Smaller ailments and any illness will be taken care of by the friendly doctors in the day clinic in nearby Tavistock. Homesickness will be treated in the house with sympathy and preventively through our exciting programme.

My qualified staff is friendly and welcoming which is part of the relaxed atmosphere in my home.

A holiday at Moorland Hall is a holiday with a purpose. Everyone has fun and makes new friends, but above all they come away with a sense of achievement and with skills they will value for the rest of their lives.